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A message from our VP Recruitment

Recruitment is a special time for us, as it provides an opportunity for potential new members to get to know us better and become a part of our community. Joining Alpha Gam means joining a community of women who will support you in your personal and professional growth, while also giving back to the community!

- Naia Freeman

Alpha Gamma Delta participates in Formal Fall Recruitment in mid-September, and we are so excited to meet potential new members. We hope to share our authentic sisterhood, show off our beautiful home, demonstrate our philanthropic efforts, and convey the qualities of Alpha Gamma Delta. Joining the Greek Community at the University of Washington is a wonderful opportunity to make life long friendships and experience college belonging to a committed organization. 


We also participate in Continuous Open Bidding throughout the year. This is more of an informal recruitment process that allows women who missed Formal Fall Recruitment to still have the opportunity of joining the Greek Community. 

Right Place Right Time

BID DAY 2023

Contact our Recruitment Chair 

with any questions:

Ginger Harris

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